I wish I was there again!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Trying to be better.....

I am not the best at posting on this blog, and I think everyone can agree with that! But I am going to try and be better - yes, I know I have said that before! But anyway, John and I have had a lot of fun this summer! I spent a lot of my time at the gym trying to lose some extra poundage! Glad to say I have shed about 15 pounds and 11 inches! John enjoyed spending most of his time consumed with the boat or fishing! I think it is safe to say that is pretty much what John does ALL OF THE TIME!!! If he isn't working on the boat, he is looking up places to fish or watching Swamp People or some other fishing/animal catching show. And guess what? I have absolutely NO pictures of our summer! I am really bad about that. John and I have promised that for our 2 year anniversary we are going to get a super nice camera.

Other than that - not much has changed! We have been trying to add to our family for about 9 months now. No such luck just yet, but I am sure when the time is right we will have a mini Kyle or mini John - when that day comes I will be most happy! I guess our cat Emma will have to do for now! It is rather hard being patient though.

Anyway - can I promise new pictures for the next post?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sorry Pam!

So, I am officially not good at blogging! My mother-in-law called me out! Telling me "Uhh, Kyle, I check your blog like every other day...when are you going to update it?!?!?" Ok, ok! Sorry, Pam :) Here is a VERY quick recap of everything that has happened since the last post.....Keister, John's grandpa passed away on Valentine's Day. That was HARD to say the least. So, family from out in Idaho came to Keister's memorial. I just have to say - I have great in-laws! I really have been so blessed to become part of a wonderful family. Joe and Kara came for dinner while they were here and we just had the best time!! Kara is already like a true sister to me! Well, I am skipping around a bit - Kara and Joe's son Jayson was baptized the day after Keister's memorial. That was awesome! I always get a little choked up during baptisms. Kara is also VERY crafty!! She made John and I the coolest sign that says "The Wiggins Established 2008"! We love it - so I need to take a picture (has anyone else noticed that I am not good with taking pictures?!?!!?) Anyway - things seem to be slowing down - hopefully they will stay that way! We have just been working in our yard and we both seem to enjoy it! Well, I do - not sure about John!! I will post pictures next time!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Long time...no blog....SORRY

Ok, so I am not getting off to the best start! I just figured out how to change the background! Well, John and I made it through our first set of holidays being married! It went pretty well :) I should start with my mom and Gene getting married December 20th. I was going to put up a picture, but I think John took the camera with him to Franklin. Gotta get those cool pics of skateboarding!! Then we celebrated Christmas with my family and then we did New Years with John's family and then we did my birthday!! I got a fishing pole and a bowling ball! I will again have to wait for the pictures on those as well. Sorry!!! Then our new niece (John's sisters baby) was blessed the following weekend. John just got a market increase and I got a good performance review for work! That brings us to today where we didn't have the best news. Keister, John's grandpa had knee replacement surgery and all was going well until we found he had a bad infection in his colon and had to have emergency surgery last night. John and I will be heading to Virginia Beach to visit him in the hospital tomorrow. Please keep Keister in your prayers. I promise to update our page more often.....and next time I will make sure I have the camera :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our First Blog

Hey!! This is our first post on our first blog! I hesitated to create a blog, but I think I have had enough friends tell me I should do it! So, here we are! I hope that John and I can keep you all entertained :) I will warn you in advance - we are not very exciting people!!